Health and Safety                                                                                    

Increasing regulation has added considerably to the challenges of maintaining an effective health and safety policy. Some businesses have still to get to grips with new legislation, and remain oblivious to punitive penalties that include substantial fines and even custodial sentences, not to mention collateral damage to reputation. In an area where the legal requirement is the minimum expectation, many businesses are taking significant yet unnecessary risks. Stenball Construction utilises workable and acceptable best practice Health and Safety guidelines.

Stenball Construction fully appreciates and implements the five fundamental principles included within the HSE guidance note HSG65 - Planning, Organisation, Controlling, Managing and Auditing our health and safety standards.

We are committed to implementing procedures which ensure that we operate above the legal expectations of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974. Our Health & Safety Committee meets regularly to discuss ways to further improve our standards, and to review and amend our Health & Safety Policy. With an open health & safety management culture we welcome input and reward innovative ideas.




Environmental issues are of great concern to all of us.

We recognise our responsibilities for care of the environment to local communities and the wider population. We will ensure wherever practical that our operations are planned and undertaken with a commitment to the preservation and protection of the environment. We fully adopt the ethos and expectations of ISO 14001.

We operate a waste management policy on all of our sites, which is regularly reviewed. Our prime objective is to reduce waste on our sites, through reduction of surplus orders, and by recycling to our other sites via our storage facility.

We are rigorous in our selection of supply-chain partners and subcontrators, to ensure environmentally friendly working practices, and to provide both quality and sustainability. It is company policy that wherever possible no product that is hazardous to the environment will be used, and if specified by others then we will seek to eliminate this material by use of alternative products.


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Client Portfolio

Client Portfolio We have been very privileged to work with a number of bluechip clients.

Bars & Restaurants

The bar and restaurant sector is fiercely competitive and every business needs to ensure the quality of their venues.

Retail and Leisure

Years of experience in refurbishing retail environments have given Stenball Construction the skills and market awareness that are essential to design and implement successful retail projects.


Stenball Construction offers design and refurbishment packages designed to your specific needs and budget. We have a proven track record in completing commercial refurbishments to the highest quality, on time and within budget.


Stenball Construction and its management are extremely experienced in undertaking and completing the full range of works on private dwellings. These range from the internal refurbishment of existing dwellings, through extensions to dwellings to building of new dwellings.


Projects Please click here to see a sample of our completed client project showcase gallery.


News In December 2009 Stenball Construction became an Altius Assured Vendor.